Hi, my name is Magdalena

I am a 27 year old Media Designer and Photographer, based in Berlin, Germany. 

I am from a small village in southern Germany, where more cows than people live. Since the first time I visited Berlin with my family when I was 15, I knew that I will move here one day. I got inspired by the city, the people and all the art.  I love drawing and art since I can remember and when I moved here in 2018 after travelling I started my education as a Media Designer.

Throughtout my education I discovered a passion for photography, photo editing and Webdesign. My artworks and my photographs are mostly black and white. Why? Human beings see the world in color and a rendition of the world in monochrome makes us pause and look closely. Black and white is timeless.

Design by Maleni - Magdalena Mayr